Welcome to Star Tyres of Wellington

At STAR our aim is to offer you a great job at a competitive price with a friendly and professional attitude towards helping you have your tyres replaced without any hassle of trying to book in to drive to a tyre bay or turning up and having to wait.

STAR are happy to fit your replacement tyres whether you are at home or at work  Does that sound easy and convenient? If so then please read on and click on the relevant links on the left for further information on the services we are able to offer.

STAR are also happy to accommodate those on shift work (including night shifts) who struggle for time, i.e., hospital staff, Police, Fire and Ambulance services, Armed forces, Warehouse, etc (subject to prior booking) and we encourage office workers as it must be a benefit to you (and your Boss) not having to book time off.

We have over 14 years experience in the garage and automotive repair industry and over 10 years experience fitting tyres,  STAR ( Stuart's Tyres And Repairs)  was set up  in April 2006 after leaving a managerial position of my last Garage / Tyre bay. STAR runs a large van that is a fully equipped tyre bay inside enabling the repair or replacement and rebalance.